Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome to the Blog - Letter of Intent


I was told by my bloggy-wife that I was being "linked up" today and I needed something "good" for my visitors to read. Here goes...

Dear Guardian Angel,

Could you have been more awesome to me during this lifetime? You gave me a wonderful wife who takes great care of our boys and everything that encompasses the definition of nucleus as it pertains to the word "family".

You have surrounded me by inspirational men who continue to bless me each day and make me a better person because they are in my life. Yes, even you RTD (go ahead Meemer, you can relay the message). My stepfather and uncle are tremendous people and I wish more people could spend quality time with them (as do I - wish we could visit much more often) and experience their generosity and wisdom.

I seriously doubt I could have chosen a better person for my mother. I would need a new post in order to describe her and give her all the credit she deserves for raising me (and two brothers) by herself as we were going through our teen years (oh yes - mom and three teen boys - what a task!).

You know, it's just one of those things - you sit around and examine where you are in life and how you got realize the ONLY way to get where I am is because of a force greater than myself is at work here.

Thanks for my journey so far - I look forward to what is around the corner!


The Middle Child (oh yes, you know there needs to be a whole post on the fact that I am a middle child and all that comes with that label) - see...there I am seeking attention!

For more letters, pop on over to Julie's blog!


Anonymous said...

Great Letter, keep up the good blogging, I read everyday( both of you guys)
Love Aunt Judy

Alicia said...

Wow! This was a great read! You already are a great blogger!

Coming over from your wonderful wife's blog!!!

Stacy said...

Very impressed that you are already linking up!!!

Stacey told me to come visit:)

Anonymous said...

I also have been reading everyday since I noticed your pic on Stacey's. I enjoy hearing your side of things.


Rachel said...

Great letter -- and yes, LOTS of good material within it for more posts. :)

Welcome to the Blogging World.

(visiting from Four Sons . . . and your wife's blog)

Rachel ~~ <a href=">Following In My Shoes</a>

-stephanie- said...

Hi, You're wife sent me...I think. ;o)

You are a very good writer. I enjoyed your posts. Welcome to blog land. Enjoy the ride.

He & Me + 3 said...

You are so sweet. Boy are you laying it on thick today. But that is what I love about you Big Rhino!
Hugs & Happy Friday,
For sure you have been blessed!
I mean, you know me :)

Darcie said...

I came over from your dear wifes blog and had to laugh at your middle child syndrome. It's our middle boys birthday today and he has "middle child" written all over him. Hopping on as a follower.

Leslie said...

very nice! very cute! What a fun thing for the two of you to have in common!

Beth said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of bloggers. Since this place is prediminantly occupied by women ... allow me to introduce you to a couple of my favorite guy blogs:

Check them out. Great group of guys!


Beth said...

predominantly ... forgot to correct my spelling ... sigh

Foursons said...

Oh Beth left out my very favorite guy blog!

Brian over at Switch to Plan B

I also read Dan's at The Art of Panic.

Anyways, thanks for linking up, you have led a very blessed life and I look forward to learning more about this phenomenal mother of yours. I could use some tips!