Thursday, July 29, 2010

OK, Tiffany

As per a friendly request - here is a quick update.

My 2 weeks of vacation in Michigan put a halt to any exercise I had planned. Leading up to the trip I had been running every morning for 5 weeks. Upon my return home, I had 4 days of rest before leaving for football camp with 75 of our young men. Here's how my weightloss went in a nutshell....

Get back from MI - back up 9 lbs. Get back from camp - down 6 lbs. As I type this, back down 3 more lbs. So, I am happy to report that I am still "on track" and that the vacation didn't totally kill me - thanks to camp!

I also managed to go out today and play my 2nd round of golf all summer - I shot an 84. So, football starts on Monday - 2 practices per day for the first 2 days...teacher meetings begin on Wed. - and we are back to school on Monday, August 9th. 4 weeks from our first game - a biggie for us. We have been selected to play on TV! We have been chosen as the Cox7 Game of the Week.

Now that I am back in town - expect more updates and even pictures (that's where you come in Stacey!).