Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quickie Update

Today is the 1st day of Week 5 of my weight-control program. As of this morning - down 19 lbs.

Over the last week, I was able to jog 6 laps in a row without stopping; I jogged a total of 10 laps in one session; I was also able to jog/walk 21 laps in a single session (that's 5 miles!)

Hope to have some pics soon...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Weight Loss Update (or Downdate?)

No pics as of yet....but nonetheless...

Big day this morning - jogged a MILE without stopping! Also walked another 10 laps around the track. Total loss is at 15 lbs after almost 3 weeks.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weight Loss Update

Here we are - 7 days since my weight loss challenge began. Sunday was the ONLY day I did not get up at 5:30am to jog/walk. Overall, I have been jogging at least 2 laps while walking 2-4 more per morning. A couple mornings I walked/jogged 2 miles. The mornings I only jog 2 laps I also run the bleachers - actually doing vertical lunges by skipping every other step on the way up and hitting each one on the way down (there are a total of 9 aisles).

I have also changed my diet - "counting" calories - trying to stay under 2,000 per day. But most of all, eating smaller meals and including better snack choices in between the 3 main meals.

And so - at the end of Week 1 - I lost 12 pounds!

Here's to another productive week - day by day!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Football Friday

Last night our football team played in it's first Passing League - a passing league is where a number of teams get together and play 7-on-7 games where there is only passing allowed. There were 8 teams there and we played 5, 20-minute games.

Love this pic of Ronald smiling and helping up Tyler - this is one of the joys of coaching young men. Ron is going to be a Senior and not only is he a good-looking athlete (yep, those are muscles folks) but he also carries a 4.6 gpa!!!

One of the teams we faced was our in-district rival (it means nothing here, but I'd like to say that this team has NEVER defeated us at ANY level in football!!!!)

...and this would be a reason why - as G Florio picks off the pass and takes it all the way for a Defensive Touchdown!

Gotta coach up those young kids - this pic has 4 sophomores out of the 7 kids - summer passing is also a great time to get those young kids good experience

Not sure here - maybe auditioning for Subway (insert $5 footlong jingle)

And there is my FAV follower - Colin loves to be around me and the kids - he knows most of them by name and jersey number and does a great job of cheering them on!
Best of all, we played ALL 26 kids we brought for defense and even managed to grab 7 interceptions and return 3 of them for touchdowns! Saturday we do this again in a tournament-style competition with 16 teams participating - gonna be a looooong day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weight Program Update

So - this is just a quick update as to how I am going about my transformation.

6am - currently jogging a half mile (that is 2 laps around a track OR 10 laps in a gym); Lunges - 3 sets (from baseline to free-throw line or half court); 3 sets of groin' stretch to the right, to the left, and squats (hold for 10 seconds each way); 30 sit-ups (3 sets of 10) - all ending with light stretching and walking a few laps OR jogging down and back on a basketball court.

Drinking LOTS of water and also already changing my diet - more fruits and veggies - V8 juice, pomegranate juice, light yogurt, whey protein, flax seed, nuts ( I actually ate all of these things the last time I was "on a diet" back in July of 2009 - not too bad tasting!)

5 hours after my first day - my legs feel like rubber and my calves are burning! No pain, no gain (I suppose).

Tonight - either a walk around the block OR walking/running in the pool

Officially weighed in at 309.5

I'll keep you posted - 1 day down, a lifetime to go! (SBC)