Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hockeytown SW Style

Here is the dynamic duo above - the two-headed monster I have to face!

Yeah - I have a little advantage - SIZE - I mean, look at the net!

It looks like I am just waiting for Brendan to hit me square in the face with a slapshot

Kick save & a beauty - you can see I already took one off my left shin (ouch!)

Oh yes - how low can YOU go???!!!

Once they figured dad gets tired quickly, the goals came fast and I decided to eliminate one of the competitors - had to get a leg up on 'em!

Finally - I just had to put my foot down and end this thing!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Did you say Challenge?

Even though most of you have not seen a full picture of me on here, believe me when I tell you that I have been up and down in my weight (at one point, tipping the scales at 330 pounds). I am currently at 300 after dropping to 275 (from 330) back in January.

So, I believe I will try a new approach to weight loss: I will use the power of the blog and my followers. I think it's time to document my struggles with weight and perhaps get some healthy tips from the faces in the crowd. Recipes, healthy snacks, good foods, healthy know - the stuff I am SUPPOSED to be doing.

Crazy thing is, with football almost each morning, I do have the FREE opportunity to run, bike, and lift weights. I know that doing those things helps speed up weight loss - and thus, I will be trying to get after it on Tuesday.

I will keep you all posted - and hopefully have some pics for the journey (right Stacey!???)

300 lbs and dropping

***I suppose there needs to be a goal in place - so I will set my goal at 220 lbs.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Letter of Intent


Dear Summer/Football -

While I LOVE to coach football, it just seems unfair that I still have to rise and shine at 6:00am, Monday - Thursday, and drive to "work" to coach. I mean, who wouldn't love to be on "summer vacation" only to get up 4 days a week and take the same route to work that you took 190 times before???!!! All I'm asking is that the reminders of work aren't so prevalent each morning.


Football guy who really likes football enough to ignore the fact he is still driving to school even though no classes are in session

Dear Dr. -

Seems to me you could have fixed any issues with a more thorough exam the first time through. Not the best feeling when you can't even find the old files that explain what you did 5 years ago and make my wife and kid wait hour after hour so that you can give us 4 options - THEN - you are out of the office for the next 6 days so we can't begin treatment for at least 2 more weeks. Sure, you have lots of people you see and need that vacation time too - well, we are on vacation as well and I only have 1 Colinboy... so I'd appreciate it if you got your butt back to work (or at least returned phone calls from your assistant who is "trying" to help us right now).

Thanks a million,

Dr. Dad

Dear Faces in the Crowd -

I know - it's been a few days since my last post...I have a hard time posting about the same topics - especially since it's summer break and football is going on (I mean, seriously, how many times can I say it's summer break and that football is going on? - well, 3 times in this post already if you are keeping track). So, forgive my lack of posting - but, you know, it seems "almost pointless" to post on here when I have 18 followers and get an average of 4 comments per post. Oh yes - I realize that I am not following posts while I am not posting myself - and I'm actually giving myself a lecture right now! Anyway, don't know how much more I will be posting....


Bloggy Guy who likes comments and started this blog to see how many he could get while not really having much to say and realizing that people would only comment if interesting posts were left but sadly could not come up with anything better than what is already on here and also didn't keep up with people he followed either complicating matters or basically becoming hypocritical in action and words

For more letters and better material, click on over at Julie's!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Indians & The Closer

and so...with runners on 1st and 3rd, the Indians decide to bring in...


Yes, little man on second, the ONLY thing you can do is hang your head - because this game is OVER!
Colin comes into the game in the top of the final inning - and promptly strikes out two batters to end the game (this was his 3rd time doing so - he's faced 11 batters this year and struck out 10 of them!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

TGISummer (almost)

Just a little reading until I can get home and upload some pictures from the boys' game last night (another victory).

Sitting in the Media Center on campus waiting to be told that we can print grades to verify - the FINAL official task left before Summer Vacation can officially begin!

So - just wondering from all the bloggers: What are YOUR summer plans?

I'll be checking on your blogs at ya soon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordy-less Wednesday

Well, not really...

Felt like I needed to post since it's been a couple days...

Looks like Prop 100 has passed (64% yes) - more money for schools - YEAH

Graduation was last night - our school sent 482 seniors out in the real world - good luck!

Giving final exams today and tomorrow - good luck to those Freshman.

Playing Golf today since classes are over at 11:00am!!! FORE!!!!

Even though you don't know them, I'm gonna give a lil shout to my "daughters" who have been with me all year (and some since they were in 7th grade) - some connections are the reason you get out of bed each morning - knowing that they count on you and looking forward to seeing you each day for a sense of "normalcy". So have a great summer girls...

Dos, Child, Niecy (Tres), Mo, Mishka, Mitzi, Bri, Rage, Lyss, Belle, Kate, Mantakai

...and all those "sons" of mine out there who have matured and realized that growing up means acting responsible and treating everyone with respect - gotta give it to earn it...

Rud, Franky, Ty x 5, Hogg, AT, Rup, DK, Chente, Twins, DJack

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mentally-Drained Monday

With this school year coming to a close, I reflect on what has been a pretty harsh (educationally) year and what lies ahead.

So, most of us are affected negatively by the economy. Here in AZ it is really bad - and twice as bad if you are in education. Anything that happens in education hits us twice as hard as my wife and I are both teachers in the same district.

Well, we are going into our 3rd and 5th years respectively as teachers in this district...and we are facing yet another pay cut. We've been in a pay freeze for the past 2 years and now this. Added to this is an increase to our health insurance that we have to cover. Not happy - at all!

So, the question is: Do we stay here and wait it out or do we move on to states with better economies and better educational systems?

I've looked at other states - states like Florida (most counties pay FULL benefits) and North Carolina and Tennessee (min of 75% of benefits are payed by employer) Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Georgia - just wondering what the best thing to do would be. For me personally, I have NO problem entire family lives back in MI and I already only see them once a year (if I'm lucky) - so moving back east is tantalizing because of proximity. Not so with the wife - hers is now all here. She's not against moving, but it would be much harder on her.

Alas, nothing will happen this year - it's much too late for that now. There is an election on Tuesday that will once again determine if we need to cut more out of our already depleted budget - that could factor in our decision to move or stay as well. Overall, it saddens me to see my "new contract" and realize that I make less now than I did in my 2nd year of teaching with a BA (I have a MA and 6 years in AZ).

Perhaps some advice from the "faces in the crowd" who visit my blog will give us comfort and ideas to ponder...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Shout-Out

I see many of you doing "Project 365"....I'm not so good with the old camera and adding images on here (I had to redo my post from yesterday 4 times before re-posting!)

So - here is a list of my fav ladies - go check them out today and leave 'em some love!

PS - first week in bloggyland was fun - thanks for the comments!

Oh - just in case you were counting down too... only 2 full days and 2 half days left in the school year out here! Summer Vacation starts on Friday!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Last night, the Indians got to play under the lights on the big field. Each year, the young guys get to play ONE game under the lights and this was our turn. The dynamic duo above led the way in the Indians 14-8 victory.

As the 5th inning got underway the Inidans held a 10-8 lead...Brendan was up first - this would be him hitting his double (he finished 3-3 with 3 runs scored and an rbi).

He was brought home by the next batter, Colin. This is Colin driving the ball TO THE FENCE

resulting in Brendan coming across the plate with a run

as Colin rounds second base - heading for home with a 2-run HOME RUN. (you can see the ball still rolling towards the fence in the upper right-hand corner)

Since we now had a 14-8 lead, we decide to put our ACE CLOSER in the game - yep - that would be Colin up there - all he did was pitch 1 inning while striking out ALL 3 BATTERS he faced. (Colin ended the day 4-4 from the plate with 4 runs scored and 4 rbi)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome to the Blog - Letter of Intent


I was told by my bloggy-wife that I was being "linked up" today and I needed something "good" for my visitors to read. Here goes...

Dear Guardian Angel,

Could you have been more awesome to me during this lifetime? You gave me a wonderful wife who takes great care of our boys and everything that encompasses the definition of nucleus as it pertains to the word "family".

You have surrounded me by inspirational men who continue to bless me each day and make me a better person because they are in my life. Yes, even you RTD (go ahead Meemer, you can relay the message). My stepfather and uncle are tremendous people and I wish more people could spend quality time with them (as do I - wish we could visit much more often) and experience their generosity and wisdom.

I seriously doubt I could have chosen a better person for my mother. I would need a new post in order to describe her and give her all the credit she deserves for raising me (and two brothers) by herself as we were going through our teen years (oh yes - mom and three teen boys - what a task!).

You know, it's just one of those things - you sit around and examine where you are in life and how you got realize the ONLY way to get where I am is because of a force greater than myself is at work here.

Thanks for my journey so far - I look forward to what is around the corner!


The Middle Child (oh yes, you know there needs to be a whole post on the fact that I am a middle child and all that comes with that label) - see...there I am seeking attention!

For more letters, pop on over to Julie's blog!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Deep Thoughts Thursday

Sitting in class with my students as they are taking a written final on the Ray Bradbury novel, Fahrenheit 451, I got to thinking...(yes, dangerous, I know)

Why is it students have less respect for authority and education - what changed?

Do kids really use profane language like it's "normal" because that is what they hear at home?

When did reading and writing become so challenging that students refuse to answer questions that require a whole 2 paragraphs nor read a novel that is only 165 pages long (both true - and yes, I gave them 3 weeks to read the novel, supplied them with a study guide and overview, and then gave them the questions to the test before they took it!)?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"What was that?" Wednesday

So, a guys walks into a classroom....

and he hears about: sneaking a boy through a bedroom window while her parents are home, asleep...too bad the neighbor was NOT asleep. Also, it was quite unfortunate that this neighbor happened to have her camera. Snap, snap, click, click....and lo and behold - the pictures end up at girl's house in the possession of parents.

Famous last words: "I think I may be in trouble when I get home."

You think?!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

True Story Tuesday

You a teacher, I think it is important to make connections with your students. Seems to me that the more you give of yourself the better they act and the more respect you earn. So, at the beginning of the school year I tell my students about my background. So here is the true story I share about why I think I'm a better father (and person) then if I had not gone through this experience.

My parents divorced when I was going into 8th grade. By the time I reached 12th grade, there really wasn't much of a relationship there. I didn't play high school basketball my Junior year, but wanted to try out my last year in high school. At this point, my birth-father had moved to a lake almost 2 hours away from my hometown. If you've been a child of divorced parents, then you understand the ole rule of "my weekend vs your weekend". Well, needless to say, I HATED leaving my friends/girlfriend every other weekend during my senior year. It was November, 1991 and basketball tryouts were in full swing. Of course, being 17, I really tried to make excuses why I wasn't going to travel north for the weekend - this time, it was real! I call ahead to tell the old man that I was not going to be coming up due to practice - he begrudgingly acknowledges this and I leave it at that.

I come home to find my mom already on the phone with him as he is chastising her for not FORCING me to go (mind you, not only is it bad enough to go in the first place, we were always picked up by his new wife). I get on the phone and he begins to rip into me - saying he's sick and tired of me not going to see him, my disrespectful behavior, my irresponsible get the idea. I'm not saying much back at this point - which infuriates him further. Finally, he says, "until you want a father, don't ever bother me again!". I say, "Really!" and hang up the phone.

That was November, 1991 - and we are still not talking to this day. He did make a short-lived attempt at reconnecting a while back, but his continued poor actions did not make up for the words of apology.

Sadly, I get students who cry each year I tell this story. Sadder still is the fact that many (too many) of my students have gone through situations that mirror mine. In the end, I become a father figure to many of my students - and that is just fine with me! I embrace that role and take comfort in the idea that I just may be making a difference beyond the classroom in an arena more important than education.

For more True Story Tuesday check out Rachel.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday's Main Man

Happy Birthday to my lil buddy, Colin. He is my clone and I love him soooo much. This guy has had an interesting and challenging life already - at the tender age of 9...from broken bones, to mouth infections, to epilepsy, to surgeries...Always the fighter and with such a heart of gold! So, happy birthday to our Zippy! Love you, buddy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mac's Mommy Day Mention

First - happy Mother's Day to my AWESOME mommy back in Michigan.

Second - a happy Mother's day to my mommy-in-law across the way here in AZ

Third - a VERY happy Mother's Day to my WONDERFUL wife, Che...I mean, there needs to be a special award for the woman who can deal with me....then add in the 2 dad-clones and it's a wonder she doesn't just collapse each night with all that we put her th....I mean with all that she does! By the way dear, the boys were very specific in getting your gift for today - your coveted SPA DAY is just around the corner - in good time sweetheart. I love you!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Indians Baseball

Score: Reds 12 Indians 9; Colin was the player of the day! He caught the first 2 innings then pitched the final two innings. On the mound, Colin only allowed 1 earned run while striking out 3 batters. He was 0-1 at the plate with a Walk and Run scored. Brendan was 1-1 at the plate with a Walk and 2 runs scored. Brendan pitched 2 innings, giving up 5 runs (only 1 earned). When Colin took the mound the Indians were down 10-2...which tells you how much he pumped up his team with his awesome pitching!!! Record 7-5
I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! I've never been much of a blog fan myself, but with school ending and time on my side, I have decided to join the "bloggyland" that my wife already raves about. So....we shall see how good I am at keeping this up!